Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Rabbit Tile
I am back to having a bit of time to do some much needed work in water clay. Over the past few years I have come to enjoy doing bas-relief sculpture. It is a unique sculptural expression that is a blend of drawing and 3D sculpture.

The rabbit is an animal I have always wanted to use as a subject matter so here is the first one to enter my work. It was inspired because of a book a came across a few days ago the that use to be my older brother Peter's, which is entitled "The Big Book of Animals Every Child Should Know" by Dena Humphreys and drawings by Rudolf Freund. It was given to my brother for his birthday in 1952. I discovered the book last fall which had been stored away for years and upon looking at it again, I was amazed at the detail that I still remembered in its it beautiful illustrations and the memories of looking at them 57 years ago.

I have alway had a great love, admiration and respect of animals and it is interesting to me to see this book again that most certainly had an influence on me at a very early age.

As with my other bas-relief tiles, I make a plaster mold of my original, from which I can do a series of others by pressing clay into the mold. Reproducing several tiles is a great experiment in trying different glazes and fine tuning what works best.
The photo above is of my original which I pulled out of the plaster mold this morning. Sometimes I loose the original when I remove it from the mold. This one came out with just minor damage. I will post the finished piece after it comes out of my kiln.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Beltane and the Emergence of Pan

Beltane seems an appropriate day to begin my blog. Some plants in the garden are waking up and others are back in full force. It is a day of new beginnings. It is interesting to think that today, the sun is halfway between the spring equinox and the comming summer solstice. It is a day that I am also happy to say that Pan is here! I arrived at my studio and opened an e-mail with the title "I LOVE YOU" from the man that had commissioned me to create a sculpture of Pan. The e-mail message read, "Yes Yes Yes. He has arrived. Thankyou Soooo much. You have created a masterpiece. Look for more love letters soon. Terry" The finished bronze of Pan had arrived at his house yesterday after a journey of over two years of process starting at the point when Terry and I had sat down together and exchanged our ideas about the creation of this sculpture.Without Terry's vision, support and patience, I am sure that this piece would not be a reality today. I will be posting more of how this sculpture came into being.