Saturday, October 17, 2009

Room Without a View

At the left is a series of photos I have taken of the construction that is happening outside my studio window. I wrote on each photo, but after I uploaded it I realized that the writing was too small to read, so I just wanted to add that the top photo was from a few years back in September, and all the rest have been taken during 2009 to present.

I moved into my present art studio in 1996. I share it with 10 other artists and the core of our group has been together for almost 25 years now. Our first studio was located at 2139 Blake Street and we were displaced to our present location when Coors Field was built in 1992. The main windows, the ones that let in the sunlight in the winter are all facing 20th Street and for years we have all enjoyed an unobstructed view of downtown Denver because of a tree filled parking lot that has been across the street. Last January (2009), construction was started on residential complex that will tower above our building when it is finished. We are all hoping that our building will stay here even with so much construction going on all around us. I have taken some photos at various times from my studio window. And as the building has grown, I have gone from single shots. to panoramas, to large multiple image composites. they are as follows: