Sunday, January 17, 2010

Different Perspective

On Tuesday, January 12 at 3:30, I had the great opportunity of being invited by a friend of mine named Paul who has been working on the building across the street from my studio on Lawrence Street, to climb to the top of the crane with my camera. As I have watched the construction of this building when it started last January 2009, I was very intrigued as I saw how they put the crane together and I thought at the time how nice it would be to get to go to the top and take a panoramic photograph.

Paul and I climbed the crane at 3:30 in the afternoon a section at a time until we reached the top. I stood on the top platform and took 121 photos in sequence looking down and then up the horizion and then turning so that each photo overlapped, continued until I had turned 306 degrees. I wanted to get all of the skyline that I could, so I moved a bit to get my camera over and under parts of the crane knowing that this would cause some construction problems with the panorama. As you can see in the photo the crane is chopped apart a bit and there are a few floating pieces. I just left these, as I thought it was rather interesting. I would like one more try to photograph from this place and remain in the same spot. This way, the crane would be reconstructed in the completed panorama. I am using a program called AutoPanoPro and it took the computer almost two and a half hours to construct the Panorama. I then used Photoshop to touch up and remove a few things (there are always things that need to be corrected by hand).
On the same day, I took some other additional photos to show three dimension and I will be putting these together and posting them here later on. It was a very exhilarating experience
because of the height, and exposure and also to see my neighborhood from such a different perspective

Above is a photo of the my studio showing
the crane in the background. This photo was
taken in November, 2009.

I made it to the top and I must say that it made my legs skake a bit to look down.

Paul was nice enough to stay after work and accompany me to the top.

Below is a second version of the same 121 photos. With the program AutoPano Pro, I have the option to choose what part of the spread I want to become the center. Notice the difference between this photo and the one at the top of this post.