Thursday, April 4, 2013

Aerial View of a Crystal City

Occasionally when I have irritated gums I pour some salt into a cup of warm water and then after stirring , I pour it into my Waterpik. A few weeks ago I did this using sea salt, and water and then walked away leaving the cup on the bathroom counter. A few days ago I noticed that a sparkle coming from the bottom of the cup and some very interesting crystals. I decided to take the cup outside into the sunlight and take some photos of their shapes in the bottom of the cup. I have a SLR Digital Camera with a macro lens and I always enjoy looking at small intimate spaces enlarged. After downloading the photos and looking at them on my computer, I was amazed at the shapes and the arrangements that these crystals had placed themselves in as they grew. They were mostly all pyramid shaped and the arrangement reminded me of an encampment that perhaps had been photographed by a satellite high above earth. I had a certain topography to it. I also could not help thinking about the Pyramids in Egypt which looked so similar to these sea water crystals and certainly must have been visible thousands of years ago to anyone observant enough to look at crystals formed from evaporated sea salt.